In search of the guts of ice1

In search of the guts of ice

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A fast-paced narrative of the explorations of Antarctica in the beginning of the 20th century.

Freezing cold. Months of absolute darkness. Thousand shades of white. Nearly non probabilities of survival. What motivated men with their determined lives to embark on journeys where they risk freezing to death or being devoured by unknown beasts?

In search of the guts of ice. The heroic age of Antarctic exploration answers this question through the narration of the main explorations of the 20th century, in which names like Ernest Shackleton, Fridtjof Nansen and even the legendary Piloto Pardo became legends and protagonists of the most glorious pages of explorations of the white continent.

Juan Francisco Lecaros with his knowledge of the wild winds of Antarctica, reconstructs with the precision of a compass and the detail of the best of the maps, the history of this territory and the expeditions that allowed us to know it.

This book, in addition to become as a portrait of an era, is a tribute to curiosity and tenacity of those men who enlarged the world. But, above all, it is a non-fiction text that is read like the best of adventure novels.